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Communication facility and the electroradionavigating equipment

GMDSS equipment

   VHF-MF/HF radio stations

   Satellite communication

   Receiver NAVTEX

   Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon COSPAS SARSAT

   Search And Rescue Transponder SART

Sea VHF - stationary and portable

Aerials of river, sea ranges

The radionavigating equipment


   GPS receivers

   Navigating electronic-cartographical cards

The electronavigating equipment



Intraship communication and translation




GMDSS it is based that the search and rescue organizations as well as vessels in area of a place of disaster, should be informed in probably short term on failure and accordingly take part in the coordinated search and rescue operation with the minimal expenses of time. GMDSS should provide also communication with positions of safety and promptness, and also transfer of the information providing safety of navigation, including navigating and meteorological preventions. In other words, any vessel irrespective of area of navigation should be capable to provide communication, reliable from the point of view of safety of the vessel and other courts which are being given area.

Considering, that the various radiosystems entering in GMDSS, have the restrictions connected with an operative range and a kind of given services, requirements to structure of ship radio equipment in GMDSS are certain as follows:

  • Area A1 - within the limits of an operative range of coastal VHFs of radio stations (20 - 30 sea miles);

  • Area A2 - within the limits of an operative range coastal MF radio stations (except for area A1) (within the limits of the order of 100 sea miles);

  • Area A3 - within the limits of an operative range of a geostationary artificial satellite of sea system a satellite communication (except for areas A1 and A2);

  • Area A4 - the remained zone which is being outside areas A1, A2 and A3.


Kind of radio equipment Area of navigation
  A1 A2 A3 A4

VHF-radio station

+ + + +

Mobile VHF-radio station

+ + + +

MF-radio station

  + + +

Ship station of a satellite communication INMARSAT-C

    + +

The receiver of the World service meteorology and navigating notification NAVTEX

  + + +

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon COSPAS SARSAT

+ + + +

Search And Rescue Transponder

+ + + +






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