Delivery and installation of spare parts to ship engines and engines    ●   the ship electroradionavigating equipment and a communication facility    ●   desalters ship    ●   the ship electromechanical equipment    ●   the rescue equipment    ●   installation, installation and examination, registration in the Sea Register  


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Our works



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Our works


AIOC, Bp Exploitation Caspian Sea (Shah Deniz) Ltd.

Manufacturing of various beacons, buoys, any buoyancy and carrying capacity, their check and survey, manufacturing of concrete anchors of various size and carrying capacity etc.



Repair of gyrocompasses Anscutz Standart-20, Amur, Kurs, Sperry, repair it is broadcast equipment "Ryabina". Examination of a communication facility. Installation, installation GMDSS REYTHEON


McDERMOTT Caspian Contractors. Inc

Repair of gyrocompasses (Anscutz) « Standart - 20 »,


Industrial merger " Geophysics and Geology "

Delivery of spare parts to the main thing and auxiliary engines, repair on scientifically exploratory ship « the Geophysicist - 3 ».

Delivery and installation GMDSS of the equipment, Sea radio stations of VHF, SW ranges.

Examination GMDSS IME 2000, satellite buoy TRON - 40S and replacement hydrostat on scientifically exploratory ship « the Geophysicist - 3 ».

Repair starting-up and adjustment works of a ship refrigerating machinery and system conditioning on « the Geophysicist - 1 »

Delivery of Incinerators.


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