Delivery and installation of spare parts to ship engines and engines    ●   the ship electroradionavigating equipment and a communication facility    ●   desalters ship    ●   the ship electromechanical equipment    ●   the rescue equipment    ●   installation, installation and examination, registration in the Sea Register  









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<<Communication facility and the electroradionavigating equipment



All resulted equipment is provisional, steals up and established according to individual needs of the customer


Sea VHF - stationary and portable


IC-M602 (Icom Inc.)

Quantity of channels: 22 programmed;

Capacity of the transmitter: 25 watt;

Pressure of a feed: 13,8 watt;

Current of consumption: no more than 5,2 ampere;

Temperature range:-20°Ń - +60°Ń;

Target audio capacity: 5 watt;

Overall dimensions: 220x110x109.4 mm;

Weight: 1,35 kg.







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