Delivery and installation of spare parts to ship engines and engines    ●   the ship electroradionavigating equipment and a communication facility    ●   desalters ship    ●   the ship electromechanical equipment    ●   the rescue equipment    ●   installation, installation and examination, registration in the Sea Register  




M-1932 MARK2

M-1942 MARK2




 russian version


<<Communication facility and the electroradionavigating equipment



All resulted equipment is provisional, steals up and established according to individual needs of the customer




M-1942 MARK2

10 the DISPLAY, 481 x 640 pixels;  

Capacity of radiation -  kw;

Range 0,125 - 64 miles;

Closed aerial 4ft;

Frequency of rotation the aerial 24/48  rev/min;

Temperature range-15C - +55 C (display),-25 C-+70 C (aerial);

A feed 10,8-41,6 V.








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