Delivery and installation of spare parts to ship engines and engines    ●   the ship electroradionavigating equipment and a communication facility    ●   desalters ship    ●   the ship electromechanical equipment    ●   the rescue equipment    ●   installation, installation and examination, registration in the Sea Register  






TRON 40s




 russian version


<<Communication facility and the electroradionavigating equipment



All resulted equipment is provisional, steals up and established according to individual needs of the customer


GMDSS  equipment

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon COSPAS SARSAT



SEP-406 SAMYUNG (ENC Co., Ltd)


Frequency transmitter with code vessel 406 MHz;

Radio beacon on frequency 121.5 MHz;

Freely emerging, it is released on depth from 4 up to 12 foots;

The case is made brightly orange plastic ABS high durability;

Water penetration up to 1 bar.









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