Delivery and installation of spare parts to ship engines and engines    ●   the ship electroradionavigating equipment and a communication facility    ●   desalters ship    ●   the ship electromechanical equipment    ●   the rescue equipment    ●   installation, installation and examination, registration in the Sea Register  







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<<Communication facility and the electroradionavigating equipment



All resulted equipment is provisional, steals up and established according to individual needs of the customer


Aerials of river, sea ranges


SEASTAR Sirtel ()

Type  1/2 l;

Frequency range 156-166 MHZ;

Input resistance 50 Ohm;

KSV in worker to band KSV<1:1,5;

Maximum power 100 Vt;

Polarization Vertical;

Reinforcement 3,2 dB;

Type of the join 5 m. RG-58;

Radiating element Pin in cone-shaped fiberglas. body;

Material of the pin stainless steel;

Fastening stainless steel, thumb;

Long  1 320 mms;

Weight  490 gr.






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